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Basta! is a computer program for simulation of loudspeaker systems. Basta! can simulate open baffles, closed boxes, vented boxes (“bass reflex”) and 1- and 2-ported bandpass systems. For ported enclosures, pipe resonances in the vent can be simulated. Instead of a vent, the ported enclosures can have a passive radiator. Basta! also includes simulation of baffle step, lossy voice coil inductance, multiple and isobaric drivers. Basta! can also simulate Active and passive crossover filters, most passive crossover networks and AC-bass. Basta! also has a room gain approximation and can add a Linkwitz transform to the response.

Basta! shows graphs for the frequency response of the system and the individual driver and ports, cone and vent velocity and excursion, driving voltage box pressure, electrical impedance and its resistive and inductive parts. Finally, Basta! can also calculate a maximally allowed output level from the system, based on the maximum power amplifier voltage, Re power, cone excursion, vent excursion and vent velocity.


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